Welcome to the personal  site of Darrell Johnson,; a place to celebrate three great passions in my life: the black and white image, general aviation, and blues music. 
The Baja Bush Pilots is one of many flying organizations that has flourished in the recreational aviation community of Southern California and Mexico since the late 1960's.
Stay tuned to this site as I dig through the archives to
post some of the best B&W photography, flying memorbilia, and music of this generation. 
The black and white images of Weston and Adams have been a constant inspiration in my life. During my childhood I apprenticed under an old time glass plate photographer who instilled in me the value of natural light. Watch for the upcomming images.... 
Airplanes have fascinated me since my childhood. As a wee tike I awed the mighty DC3 "Gooney Bird" on the tarmac and the thrill isn't gone yet. Join the celebration as we yell, "prop clear".


Eastman KODAK


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